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What you are about to see is a list of oldies songs from my record collection (LP's, 45's, demo's, promo's and a couple of CD's).You'll find songs from three decades here, but the focus is on sixties music. In percentage this comes down to 1950s (4%), 1960s(90%) and 1970s (6%).

What's the purpose of posting a music collection on the www ? Well...I've been collecting sixties music for over 20 years and people kept asking me "what do you have?" or "did he/she sang that?", "What year was that song recorded?" etc... That's the reason this website was created.

See cool java-based intro with lots of obscure sixties LP covers...

Which 1960s music genres are featured?

 male/female vocal  -  girl groups  -  straightforward melodic pop  -  psychedelic  -  pop/psyche stuff (obscurities) -
 rock -  instrumental groups

In the first version of the database, only Anglo-Saxon artists were included. Upon request I've included 60s artists from
all over the globe (South America, Scandinavia, Japan,...).

Being a record collector of sixties music, I have a wide variety of  musical styles, but my personal focus (read "devotion") is
on obscure late 60s groups. Artists who only made one or two 45rpm's and never had any airplay. I'm talking about straightforward, catchy melodical stuff and/or pleasent pop/psyche. Some may refer to this genre as "feel-good" pop.
Some examples: The Glory Rhodes: "I'm so happy" (1968), This Side Up: "Book a trip" (1968), The Carnival Connection: "Poster man" (1968), The Sidewalk Sounds: "Make the music pretty" (1967), etc etc etc.
Therefore browse with care not to overlook those gems...

How to look for a solo artist or group ?

 Both the artists and their songs are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to look up a name or a title. . I've chosen to use the first letter of the last name for a solo artist. Some examples:

Just click on the desired letter and you will be taken to a specific list.
It may take a little while for the page to load, so please be patient.

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Use the search engine

If you don't want to see an entire list, you can use a search engine. Just type in an artist (for ex. avalon frankie) or a songtitle.
For obvious reasons the word "the" in the beginning of a songtitle is not included.


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